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Xu Dianli, vice president of China Refractory Materials Association, said the construction of magnesite mineral processing and high purity magnesite should be based on market needs


At present, magnesite mineral processing, high purity magnesia infrastructure investment projects are not reduced, there is a "big work fast" fanatical momentum, on this issue to talk about a little personal views for your reference.

The purpose or goal of mineral processing is to pursue high purity and produce high purity magnesia with MgO≥98%; Second, comprehensive utilization of resources, low grade ore grade promotion.

From the point of view of mineral processing technology

Magnesite beneficiation was included in the national "six five" science and technology research project in the late 1970s. Finally, the sintered magnesite with MgO≥98% and volume density ≥3.30g/cm3 was produced by two-step calcination process after the special grade ore with very low CaO, Al2O3 and Fe2O3 content.

So far, magnesium ore can only remove SiO2, if the pursuit of high purity, can only choose Fe2O3, Al2O3 and CaO very low ore to remove SiO2 to achieve the goal. If considering the comprehensive utilization of resources and upgrading grade, the flotation of high silicon ore can only be chosen.

From the market demand point of view

How much is the market demand for magnesia with MgO≥98%? The variety structure of refractory raw materials should meet the demand structure of raw material market. In view of the demand of steel-making converter, except for the products produced by high purity magnesia with MgO≥98% on the trunnels and slag line of the converter. Refractories produced with high purity magnesia are not required in other areas. We can measure the market demand for high purity magnesia.

From the point of view of use, the higher the purity, the less the combination, the more unstable, is not necessarily suitable for refractories. At present, the existing and under construction processing capacity will reach 3 million tons/year (processing capacity), concentrate will reach about 2 million tons/year, combined with the completion of salt lake magnesium extraction and other projects, high purity magnesia production capacity will increase significantly.

In a word, I do not oppose magnesite beneficiation, high purity magnesite does have a certain market demand, but it must be based on the market demand to determine the size of the scale. (Excerpt from Brief Analysis of Refractory Materials Industry Production Operation in the First Half of 2018)