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What is refractory spray material?


Refractory spray material is a kind of granular mixture (dry mixture) which is transported by compressed air and added with water at the nozzle of the pneumatic spray gun. At high speed and high pressure, the material in the continuous operation process before overhaul or replacement of all, in the case of non-stop furnace or less stop furnace basic forming uniform and compact lining, its characteristic is fast construction, reduce the stop furnace time.

Binding agent for fire - resistant spray - filling material can be divided into gas rigidity according to different occasions of use. Commonly used binder by clay, anhydrous silicate, silica sol, a variety of anhydrous phosphate, calcium aluminate cement and organic compounds (such as syrup, lignosulfonate, synthetic resins).

Calcium aluminate cement can be used as binder for the clay spray material, which is often used in heating furnace, flue, boiler and incinerator, etc. The high aluminum spray material combined with pure calcium aluminate has good slag resistance and the service temperature is 1 650℃. Calcium aluminate cement or phosphate combined with silicon carbide quality gunning material has high wear resistance and thermal conductivity, can be used to generate power furnaces, the combination of pure calcium aluminate Al2O3 - SiC - C texture gunning materials mainly used in the blast furnace iron groove, etc., with silicate, phosphate and chromate combined with magnesia gunning materials commonly used in converter, electric furnace and the gunning aod lining.